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!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

SoOo mUch fOr a HaPpY EnDiNg! [28 Aug 2004|03:15pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Hmm.... wEll today just flat out fucking sucked. Me and Kyle havent hung out in like 5 days and we been constantly fighting about stupid stuff and he never believes me no matter what i say or what any1 else says. I just really am starting not to care. I feel like im the only one that does care.

Its been a very long day. Woke up at 12:30 then waited for Lex's ride to pick her up.. then i got a half hour shower then i got ready and that took 2 hours than i left for dinner. When i got back i had to leave again and i went to Belt Graduation and got my red belt that took 2 hours and then i sat around.

I tried calling megan and jackie all day cuz its jackie's b-day and well megan didnt answer then nick told me that he just seen her pull away when i talked to him i said what he said she went to the beach with amber for the weekend. Im really really pissed about that and i dunno megan still could've answered the phone which she never did. And i dont really know what to think after she talked all that shit on amber and now she's staying down the beach for a weekend with her. What if she does that to me!? All i know is amber better not ever try to fuck with Joey again like she did last night which we all know tha only reason she did it is because she's mad that Joey likes me. But whats funny is when i showed up and said something to her she jumped and didnt look at him the rest of the night.

Im sOoOo pissed off about everything i decided im just goin to stef's for the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow ill get to see all my old friends from philly and all that shit. Itll be alot better then being stuck around here. Things once again are gonna start changing around here im gonna talk to megan when she gets home and just ask her what the fuck is going on. anyway im about to go hang out with people soo ill update layter!


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sCaRy dReaM [14 Jul 2004|11:41pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Me and Frankie talk like everyday now. And when i dont talk him he'll send messages to my cell phone in case im at the studio. Im like soo happy. he makes me happy. We talk for like 3 hrs at a time. Im sOo glad me and him are back together and this time were soo much closer then before. Its not just like everyday that goes by now is pointless everyday i learn somethin new about him i love.

Last night i was watching The Butterfly Affect... after it i couldnt stop thinking of eric and how much i really really do miss him. i wish that somethin like that could be done to change the way things happened so i could say bye to him or sOo the accident wouldn't have happened. Maybe things could be better.

I had a dream last night... it seemed more like flashbacks to the accident and how the whole thing played out. The van, bridge, the way we found out, aunt donna's house, all the tears, all the pain, all the what ifs, how many times i thought it was a nightmare, and the funeral. It seriously felt like i was goin through it all again. And i dont like having that dream it reminds me of everything went downhill from there and it still is goin downhill. It freaked me out.

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oH bOy! [09 Jul 2004|07:16pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

The past few nights i been totally losing it and i break down and cry. I try soo hard to get along with everyone at the studio and in this neighborhood and most of them still talk about me. The other night i was talking to my mom and mrs. marvil and they both said no matter how mean they are to me i have to kiss their asses to be the better person. From my point of view im being the better person by not knocking them on their asses and ignoring it. Im kind of getting tired of it though having everyone u thought were your best friends go around saying things like u being stuck up and slutty and u need to get over yourself and none the less making fun of ur other friends. The other night it was ashley matt and gary making fun of my friends. Burak calling me a slut and telling me to get over myself. Ashley laughed her ass off everytime i didnt do something perfect. Matt and Gary just follow along after that. Then matt went off trying to say that he cares about me and he has nothing to do with what they all say and thats when its me and him one on one but when ashley and gary are with him he's like a whole different person.

Me and Michelle had a long long conversation about everything thats been going on. then we brought up the whole fight thing last saturday. Mike steve n jim said michelle was talking about me again so i went off and when robin said she'd take us all to Bk pool and she said michelle you too and i was like then im not going. well i told her about the mike and steve thing and she said she didnt say anything for once and i believed her. So Were starting from the beginning no more fighting or saying stuff about eachother.

Last night we went to penns landing on a train to go see Sugarcult it was the best i loved it sooo much then we walked south street for all of 5 minutes b4 we got yelled at.

I think tonight i might go to the mall or something cuz i wanna see erik really really bad. But who knows. I might call amber and megan to come up there with me and we can finally chill and stuff. well i have to finish getting ready...


!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

All DownhiLL fRoM hErE [06 Jul 2004|02:27pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

some peOple have that mOment when everything hits yOu..hOw much yOu LOve him but yOu hate the fact that yOu knO that he dont feel the same and yOu cant hOld back the tears that fall frOm yOur eyes yet yOu wOuld want tO be with him fOr the rest Of ure life but he dont wanna be with u.hes aLL like" naH never" nd its sO hard cause in ure heart yOu knOw yOure gOnna LOve him fORever</3 I cAnt wait to get out of here to meet new people to get away from all the bullshit around here. no one will ever realizes how bad it hurts when the people you thought were your friends are saying things about you, when u lost soo many of your friends for the wrong reasons, and when promises people make to you are broken. I loSt aLL trust.im tired of the bullshit! x3Elaina

!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

uPdAtE! [27 Jun 2004|01:07am]
[ mood | confused ]

its been a week or soo since i actually updated.... so here it goes...

Tonight we went to Sarah's which was very fun cuz i got to go out considering im grounded and not suppose to be out of the house. They're the only people i can hang out with.

Me and Stefanie are done being friends considering she left me here thursday to get in trouble alone n not to mention left me here in general.. when she knows that id cover for her any day... i lost one of my best friends so there now is another person added to my hate list. It took soo much for me to trust her and get close to her and after year of us being best friends close enough to be sisters she goes and leaves me to hang out and dry. AND not only that but she threatens me with the things i trusted her with.

I kinda like someone else now. I dont kno why but i just realized that i really do like him and i did like him before. the thing is he has a girl friend and knowing that it might never work. and i feel weird even telling people that i like him alot. AND i have no clue what i should do about it. but who knows anyway.


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biAtCh! [18 Jun 2004|10:06pm]
I really dont like alot of people at the moment and the few that i am talking to everyone has somethin to say about them. Personally i dont give a fuck cuz i love them there mii heart it doesnt matter to me what they say, do, or how they dress that doesnt say that there good or bad. im gettin sick and tired of my friends saying shit about my new friends because my new friends treat me better and they dont talk about me behind back and they've never hurt me! Everyone's all like why do u hang with trash lana why not hang out with us and get rid of them and i gave it tons of tries to become close with them again but everytime i'm with them they always have something to say that hurts me or they talk about my best friends that they dont like. which like i said to them and after they hurt me why would i wanna hang with them! its just really pissing me off!

Then the other day my mom gave me a wacked speech asking me if i'm in anything and if i could get in any trouble. It was like interrogation i was like alrighty then. Then she was like for now and on the rules are gonna be worse!


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bLah [09 Jun 2004|03:06pm]
Between Losing old friends and gaining new ones. Then i lost nick for good and all the ties of friends with him i really liked nick too which hurts alot now that i cant have him anymore. basically all saturday and sunday night i cried over nick. Jamie was sayin that i shouldn't cry over assholes like that which i totally agree but it still hurts alot!

I now hang with a total different group in school which is cool and different its the crew that isnt preppy and annoying haha! i love them they crack me up and im definitely chillen with them all summer long. Amber is like my best friend now i love her she helps me thru all the though shit!g2g


!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

wHy TrY aNymOre... so ClOse i wAnNa juS lEt gO! [03 Jun 2004|09:17pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I cry alot lately! Everything that has been good has had its flaws and others were just a big mistake. Friendships made were tested and now even tighter. I gained a brother back thank god i was soo happy when me and chris talked were like best friends again. Derek talks to me like everyday now. Me and amber made up and now the other amber is soo happy now that were the 3 musketeers again i'm soo glad too i love them both there my best friends. and soo is Jackie! I think we can all now look back on Ant's birthday and laugh are asses off... knowing that there was 2 fist fight and 5 arguements. And wats really funny is that were all still best friends and that we choose ant's b-day to be the day to all lose are minds.

I was gonna go down to amber's today but of course no sight of my mother so i couldn't leave. Chris must've called me like 6 million times and boy he cracks me up everything always turns into a big joke with him and tomoro i think were gonna go down toward amber's way instead of nick's and were gonna chill with chris and derek and all the rest of are lovely family! haha I finally got a 2second convo in with nick when he decided to answer. He goes Can you leave me alone right now i got work to do blah blah blah and i was like whatever then and he said bitch you need to learn your place... like chelle said i should've been like and what might my place be to you??? but i didnt and he was like alright then and he hung up. Ahh he pisses me the fuck off and then anyother time he pretends that he cares but i guess its because he doesnt have to care anymore. whatever... i'm just soo happy that i have amber czapp there for me and jackie too

Without amber i dont know what would've happened tuesday night. I was soo close to ending it and i thought i lost all my hope and i lost everything that mattered to me. I might have lost nick now which was the thing i had going for me. I might miss eric soo much. I might have gotten rid of half the people i thought were tru that were fake. But amber showed me that i have her now and i have everyone else from around there backin me up and they still care and nick is an ass but derek likes me and i can get any other guy and I have chris again as my big bro and i care for him and he cares for me and I have her and without me there'd b no her and without her there'd be no me and we can both suffer thru this and pull eachother thru times like this. I cried soo much but Am showed me everything that still does matter and she gives me a reason to stay.

Today i kinda noticed how much it hurts for a friend to tell u they dont want to live anymore. Last night jackie started cutting herself again and all i could think of during school is if jackie was alright and if she went through with killing herself and she wouldn't answer calls or texts at all last night i was soo scared. I love jackie with all my heart even though i havent known her for too long and i kno that she's amber's life too and amber would die if she werent here too. when me and amber finally got thru to jackie this afternoon i could only be realived that she was alright and we still have a chance to help her but we did see her wrist she definitely tried cutting.


ps. this is when things start to get serious

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sO hArd to KeEp it All sTraighT! [31 May 2004|09:53am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Im finally back from Ventnor. It was alright on friday and for part of saturday but after that it was soo beat. I wish i jus stayed home all weekend. I got sun poision and stef left me to go to atlantic city boardwalk and then on sunday morning she went to the beach with Lauren and Alicia. I was just pissed that she begs me to go with her cuz she's gonna be bored and then when she finds lauren is her aunts neighbor and alicia was staying with lauren that she has to chill with them every second were there. I really dont like them to much and they all acted like idiots the whole time.

Last night when we got back we went to the barbeque at the marvil's house. Then we talked to nick who was being real ignorant. heres the convo:
Me: nick why dont you come down to the barbeque with whoever your with we can all chill inside cuz all the adults and kids are out back.
Nick: uhh i really dont feel like walking why dont you come up here...
....stef grabs the phone...
Stef: nick why are you being like that
Nick: i suddenly am cripple
Stef: well i cant walk cuz i fukked up my knee
Stef: hold up if your cripple there aint anyway you are ever gonna fuck again
Nick: i might suddenly heal for business if you tell your friend to get up here
Me: thats really fucking ignorant.... CLICK!

Then me and stefanie ended up walking up and down Larkin and then we went to get food and of course we see bill bourne and brian snyder. Of course they tell nick and them and nick lives in the neighborhood right there so bill calls them up and they walked up and the whole thing got started and then stef got mad cuz the girl jackie was coming up and she kept talking to ryan and she acts like its my fault and like i'm not already mad enough about the whole nick thing. AHH i was soo pissed off!!!! and then stef tells me i have no reason to be mad and she gets all mad and she said i'm stupid for getting mad at nick cuz he really likes me and i'm runing it. which definitely not he's an ass and he deserves getting flipped out on and its gonna take awhile for me to forgive him for being an ass like that!

!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

bLaH! [27 May 2004|09:55pm]
[ mood | content ]

Me and Chuckare kool again! ahaha im like all excited. I got one of my best friends back! wAhOo! its like the greatest thing in the world! ha well not the greatest cuz u know talking to my babii nick would be soo much better.

I was talking to nick earlier for like 2 seconds all i got was omg the ambulance was here cuz somethin happened to jim kok and we have no clue whats happening but he was hurt and i was like omg is what happened he was like i forget i'm at tina's and i was like WHAT! and he goes chill i'm gonna call ya later. hmm... if jim got hurt why would he be at tina's cuz jim wouldn't be at tina's jim doesnt like tina and ryan hates tina cuz its his ex g/f so why is nick there??? WHAT THE FUCK! ahh i'm soo pissed! i need someones help soon before i go nuts over this kid. amber called him a lil bit ago and she goes call lanie and he goes i will later and she was like pinkie promise and he goes get tha fukk outta here and she started laughing.

!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

a ReAsOn [26 May 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Everything is finally starting to get better again... Nick called me tonight about an hour ago. We finally got to talk about everything and he aint mad anymore. I was soo happy. He was liek i thought u were pissed at me i was like ohh well i'm not and then we just talked about what was up lately... he aint sure if he's going away this weekend yet. I might stay home all weekend if he's going to be around but i dont kno yet.

Today i sat with amber and them and talked to her all day in school she cracks me up. It was soo much better being away from the usual caddy petty bitches i usually am with.haha!

!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

[25 May 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Alright now i'm really confused. I dont think nick is talking to me and i have no clue why. Either its because i wouldn't go see him on sunday or because i got cocky when they said him ian and ryan were gonna go to the beach to pick up girls and me and stef said thas alright cuz were going down to the beach to wildwood and were gonna get with some banging guyz on the board walk and nick was all pissed off that we said it but i mean its his fault that they said it first and i was only jokein i mean unless they were dead serious then me and stef gotta get some pay back! haha!

i also have come to the conclusion stefanie is the only true friend i've ever had. She never has done anything to me that has ever hurt me. Me and her connect in soo many ways and we are also different. We've known eachother close to 3 years now and we been hanging out every weekend for close to a year! She's my heart! and She's like my twin and my other half. Without her there would be no me! she's helped me through all this shit!!!! i love yEw stef!

I also am starting to become really tight with amber now. we chill all the time in school when we have time. we back eachother up! i love her too! me and amber came up with the idea last night that if this b/f bullshit dont stop with nick and vinny were gonna be depressed together and stef can join us. we'll sit on the couch, watch sad movies, listen to sad songs, order pizza, and eat a carton of ice cream while we cry and vent out our problems together! haha its gonna be hilarious! Then were all gonna go out and find us some banging guys!

im still mad today about everything thas happened the past few times i hung with bridgewater crew. Its just everyone now these days but the past few exceptions for josh n gill. Everyone else i just dont know anymore were not close anymore its fallen apart. And after sunday i found what most of them really think of me. it hurts alot you think people are like your blood one second and the next they dont associate with you and they think your a smut or some shit. Then some go and appoligize and with me i will forgive but i wont forget and i always have my guard up now! i definitely am not going to forget all the shit thas been said! All i gotta say anymore is fuck tha people who all want to talk shit! I know who my true few are now its soo clear!


!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

hmm [24 May 2004|10:15pm]
Basically all today i talked to amber and alex. Amber is still upset about vinny and i'm there for her but she doesnt get that she needs to forget about cuz vinny is like off and on he wants her sometimes and other times he uses her or hates her. But no matter what i love amber. Its basically her and stef that i trust now.

Today we had practice after school for the show and we practiced the finale! our part looks good cuz our group is the group that can dance. I was soo dizzy and i felt sick by the time i got home. oMg today justin baker punched the shit out of stinky steve i was crackin up. There all nuts but steve was gonna get jumped anyway for beatin up amber's lil bro and he's my buddy so me and amber were gonna deal with him and we still are when his broken nose heals haha!!!! LMAO!

I dont feel good at all i'm pissed at nick and i have the worst headache and i feel like i'm gonna get sick!

!5 neVeR rEaLlY did ! !EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

siCk oF tHis sHiT! [23 May 2004|07:25pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

WELL! my weekend kicked off really awesome. Stefanie came down on friday and we went to nick's and we chilled it was one of the best times i ever had. Stef got with ryan and i got with nick. we sat there hooking up most of the night. I finally got to meet nick's brother Ian...he cracks me up!

Then yesturday i competed i got 2 first place and 1 second which was pretty good. Then after we walked to nick's and chilled there for awhile and then my maaz called and told us we had to go to aunt jen's soo we ran all the way down there and i was soo mad and then we found out its because stef's mommom was in the hospital so we sat around all night and they took my cell for like an hour by the time i talked to nick he was pissed at me. But you know Ryan all understood what was happening and he wanted to come sit there with us and when i kept trying to talk to nick he was like here talk to ryan i was soo mad and he was like im not tryna piss you off i was like whatever and i hung up and then ryan being one of my best friends called me back and was like im sorry i dont know whats up with nick and i sat thre and talked to him for a while he told me that nick's ex g/f was around all they disappeared and then in front of everyone when they came out of his house they were like fuck off and both walked opposite eachother and me ryan and stef dont believe that he meant it not even one bit! I cried myself to sleep thinking about it!

around like 12:30 last night Nick finally decided to call me and we talked he was saying sorry and stuff and stef was flipping out on him and he started telling her how much he loved me and stuff and she felt all bad so she woke me up and gave me the phone and i was giving him a second chance and he said they were gonna meet us at CBL during lil zack's Baseball game.

We got to CBL and we called nick and of course he was like im soo tired i wanna go back to sleep and then ian got on the phone and was being an ass just jokein around which kind of pissed me off and he was sayin that they were with tons of girls while me and stef were gone. Then nick once again goes here talk to ryan i dont feel like talking and we talked to ryan and ryan was the only one that wanted to come say bye to us before we left to go back to stef's in south philly. like 5 people today thought me and stef were twins and sister and shit it was soo funny. Then of course the game ended and we saw ryan for like all of 2 seconds and then they called to tell us to not include them in plans next weekend i was like wondering why they were being assholes and then ryan goes ian and nick want me to go to their beach house with them. I was like hmm i like how they tell me and stef and he was like i know. and then ryan goes well what are you 2 doing next weekend. and i was like were going to wildwood and he was like my beachhouse is down there he goes fuck them i'm meetin you and stef down the beach i was like yeah dawg here we go!

It just hurts that like nick goes back and fourth being an ass and then being nice but ryan just says its because he likes me and he wants to chill with us alot more now and he was mad when i promised to stay and then left. I really do like nick alot i guess we'll find out tonight when i talk to him whats going on.

Then today after the game i went back to stef's with her and was there for like an hour or 2 and then i left because i thought i would look like the bad one if i missed chelle's b-day and boy was i wrong. When i got there everytime i would say something they would all say shut up i dont give a fuck and then we got in a fight about the spennato and mansi thing because i think that its a little fucked up that they all believe mike spennato cuz he lies and i think there both lying! but whatever after that i was all pissed out and i was on the phone with stef and mike goes "wat you gonna do now start crying and call up your chi friends and tell them to come over with some weed so you can smoke your problems away!" that really fucking pissed me off that was definitely not in lines with anything he should have said i was like about ready to throw some fists! I just hate everyone around here anymore and then everyone is going to wonder why i hate it being around here and why i never wanna be home and its because none of them find anything wrong with the stuff they say and then jim sits there when i said stef gets with ryan and i get with nick my brother goes dont say it that way it makes it sound like your like getting it on down and dirty with him and jim goes thats prolly what she did mean by it. Like what the fuck was that all about!IM SO FUEMED RIGHT NOW! I walked out of the party and didnt say anything and they all say nothing but bye elaina.


Stef is thA only person i even feel close to anymore!

!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

TriP fRoM HeLL! [20 May 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm so fuckin worn out right now its sad. I just got back from Washington DC. and man it was a school trip from hell. We walked around all day no plans or anything and I was tired as anything cuz they woke me up at 4am. I was in one of those bad moods all day. Then on the way home i was sleeping and gabby screams lanie wake up and i jumped up and was like what and she goes uhh i think the bus is breaking down and all the sudden then bus pulled over. I was sooo pissed and then their like you few have to split up and squeeze in the other buses and that was like an hour after we sat there. Then the rest of the way i had to listen to the he said she said bullshit which really pissed me off! But then nick called me and i was on the phone with him for awhile and i was all happy and me and gabby sat there and talked to him we were in our own little world.

Im really startin to like nick alot! we talked on the phone for about an hour last night! and i finally got to talk to his brother. And i'm gonna meet his brother this weekend and i'm bringing stef and possibly amberC. I think were gonna try to get stef with nick's brother! which will be great! ohh goD im soo excited!

!4 neVeR rEaLlY did ! !EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

HoWdY hO! [17 May 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]

omg the past few weeks have been the time of my life! All the people i hang with now are the best friends i've ever had and they're totally cool. We tell eachother about everything that goes on n we can make eachother have a good time when everything else is shitty! and without them i dunno what i'd do there like my life now. but i missed nick and ryan this weekend they went to the beach and i wasnt aloud to go cuz when i asked my mom she laughed in my face which was funny and all but i was left without them all weekend. soo heres the whole new crew its the shed crew............

me, Amber, jim, nick, ryan, brian, white, noodle, and traves! haha and me and amber being the only girls and the second group is me, stef, nicole, and kurt and harlen and all them! i love them soo much!

We already made weekend plans i'm chillen with amber and all the guyz and my number one Nick lol and stef's coming down to sleep over and then on saturday me and stef are wakin up and she's gonna watch me compete and then after were going to get nicole and then going to south philly and staying there that night! i cant wait. well gotta go. I'll update again later!


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fUcK iT! [02 May 2004|09:30pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Friday night i went to my lil bros show haha it was hilarious. then my dad dropped me and marlayna off at ryan's then we walked up to the chi carnival. i definitely had a blast i love hanging out with ryan he's soo sweet! It was me marlayna ryan nick jim cody white noodle and amber haha it was great shit i basically walked around with just ryan the whole time!! He's banging! lOl! Friday night was the first night i've laughed so hard since i was dumped!

Last night i went to the movies and to friendly's and you know since my life sucks up the ass my weekend streak couldn't go on. Chuckie's new g/f carle called my cell phone cuz someone gave her my # and i was so mad cuz they were sayin a bunch of shit. All this shit got started when i was in the middle of my movie and i was soo pissed i cried so hard that night. i miss chuckie soo much but i give up on trying cuz ryan is soo much nicer then he ever was. what i mean is that i miss him like not even talking to me anymore we always talked even when we were dating now i only talk to stefanie all the time!

I've come to the conclusion that the only person i can truely trust is stefanie! and well nicole is right behind that cuz nicole is there for me and she's never done any backstabbing or some type of lying to me!

Today was the tournament and well i did okay i took all my anger from last night and focused it on power! it worked...
*weapons= 1st
.... yeah i was proud of myself. But of course deep down i'm hurting really bad. He fucking kissed her rite in front of me and i wont forget that! But once im over this stage i will never talk to him or peaches again there assholes. I have ryan now which makes me alot happier. i have stefanie and nicole too who are my # 1 girls i wouldn't have made it thru all this if it werent for them especially stefanie having to hear me cry on the phone!
g2g i'll update layter!

!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

BlAh~~~~> YaY! [28 Apr 2004|10:17pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Well its been a lil while now hmmm... so much to tell!

Monday~~>it was me and chuck's one month aniversary and it was horrible... Yeah, he definitely dumped me. Which is even worst is that they all told me that there was no reason why he dumped me and there my best friends and they all lied cuz he told them cuz they had to debate on who would dump me for him. Of course i beg them for the reason and mike's g/f had to tell me which is even worst but me and her are becoming best friends.I found that the reason was cuz chuck was gettin back with his old g/f carly! Me and Stefanie cried together on the phone all monday night which was the worst day ever. Im just glad that i have a best friend like stef that i can always talk to and we go through the same shit so we understand eachother alot! Basically we go thru the laughz and the tears together no matter what!

Tuesday~~> i cried all day in school and at home. I couldn't concentrate at all i kept thinking about like why i got dumped and stuff and like there goes another month down the drain! We had dance after school then i went to alex's and chilled there for awhile and talked alot with her cuz i missed her alot we had to get updates on the dirt lol! she cracks me up soo much. then i talked to nicole and she made me laugh haha i love her she makes me laugh the whole time she was like fukk chuckie if he's gonna be the lil bitch that he always was! haha... then i went to class and talked to pete and i told him i sort of liked ryan and he was like i think ryan likes you too! And after class i looked and freakin Ryan called me i was like screamin and jumpin around i was soo happy!

Today~~~~~> Went school in a very good mood. I talked to ryan thru texts all thru the day! He asked me to chill with him on friday! i was like omg yeah! lol Then i went to class and my freakin stalker was there he was like every chance i get i think of you and i know that sounds kind of stalkerish and i was like uhh yeah definitely is and he goes but u cant stop me from thinking about you... i was gonna be like go kill yourself! haha LMAO that was a good laugh i needed since monday. i found out the reason why i was dumped today and its all very korny! pisses me the fukk off! But like now i got ryan and stuff. Pete called me and was like Ryan said he does like you. i was going nuts lol! talk about a good day.

i'll update layter bye

<3Elaina!!! <33RyAn R.<33

!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

HeLlO FrEd! [25 Apr 2004|01:18pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Haha i'm in one of them really hyper moods which is good. Last night i like was all bitchy and shit and then i was tired and freakin joe was being all flirty it was real funny.

Friday~~~> i went to belt graduation and Laura and Nicole came with. Then i got my dad to drop us off at ryan and nick's house. Then we got driven to the bowling alley by Rob and he was joking with us telling us he couldn't stop his car and me nicole and laura had to jump out he was like tuck and roll and then he stopped to car. We went to the bowling alley for like 20minutes and then ended up walking to the shed and chillen there. And nick came in all late and he was hyper and he was like doing pull ups on the pillar and shit it was really funny and he gave me and nicole tons of hugs! We stayed until 12:15 then went back to the bowling alley until 2 then We all decided to go to Tom Jones which was fun! And we got bak to nicole's at like 4 and i slept over her house.

Saturday~~> I felt like shit all day long. I went to Sun vAlley and hepled decorate for sophop. Then we picked up chelle and went to Friendly's then we came home and Chelle did my hair all twists and parts and shit i'll post the pic when i get it. Then we picked up Shane and his friend joe. All night i was pissed at shane cuz he kept saying i give head! omg but it all got better when ash told me that the banging kid justin thinks i'm hot!!! wOoT wOoH! haha anyway we all chilled with the neighborhood crew and then ashley slept over we went to the movies at 11:45 pm!

I woke up this morning and got a shower now i'm going to eat soo i'll update layter!


!!EvEr QuitE gEt tHaT FaR!!

iMpOrTaNt! [22 Apr 2004|10:08pm]
I fOuNd a ReAsOn fOr Me tO cHaNge wHo i UsE to Be...
A reAsOn tO sTArt oVeR new..
and ThA reAsOn is YOU!

explains me alot!!! with everyone saying ive changed in the past year some say good some say worst.. i say the new me is the shit and i never wanna go back cuz tha times that i've been having these days are soo far the best days of my life!


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